Find out how our Air and Surface Pro Sanitizers fights Covid-19 actively using ActivePure Technology.

You watch what you eat, but how do you watch what you breathe?

Healthy living is a combination of not only the food we consume and our activity level, it's also about the air we breathe and the water we drink. Find out how you can protect what's important by scheduling an appointment today.

Your Health is Our Specialty. Period.

Better AIR Quality

Breathe easy with our state of the art air sanitizers designed by NASA.

Better Water Quality

Go beyond the standard big box store water purifier and remove even more impurities.

Better Quality Sleep

Our solutions will result in the some of the best sleep you'll ever have.

About Us

You only get one life. One set of Lungs. One set of Kidneys. One Chance to get it right. Our industrial lifestyles expose us to so many impurities that our natural filtration systems are often overburdened resulting in disease. HLT was founded to offer state of the art solutions to provide clean air and clean water to protect what’s most important…life.

Our Testimonials

"I suffer from asthma and have gone through several "air purifiers". When I heard one was designed by NASA, I had to try it. I will never go back to standard HEPA purifiers again."
"As a healthcare professional, I was able to review the oxygen level of my husband after started using the air sanitizer. I couldn't believe how much a difference it's made."

Our mission

Our  mission is to provide health promoting technologies to the world. Join the effort by bringing these technologies to your family, customers, and communities.

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday

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